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Having produced Plexus’ virtual conventions and trainings in the past, ADM Creative Group was delighted to be live and in-person for Plexus Worldwide 2024—a recognition extravaganza for 3000 sales ambassadors at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas.

Speed, efficiency, and creativity are the keys to maximizing every award-winner’s moment in the spotlight. ADM’s unique set and stage design empowered 700 multi-level winners to march amongst their peers on a100-foot audience-connected runway and custom 400-foot passerelle. 

When it comes to recognition moments that are fast, intimate, and accessible, ADM knows predictability is the enemy. Our mission is to make every moment memorable. According to Plexus Leadership, mission accomplished. “I’ve … worked with other event production suppliers on past conventions.  I never want to do this convention again without ADM.”

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