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“... To say that you and your team are integral to the success of this event would be a true understatement. Every aspect of our program … was possible because of the unparalleled creativity, effort and expertise of the ADM team ...”


-Vice President, Communications,  Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company



Goodyear has been an ADM client for over 20 years. We’ve done it all together – from augmented reality & stereoscopic 3D videos to specialty staging and even a scale model of their blimp flying over a network of customers. Our challenge, as always, was to keep the experience fresh and energized, while incorporating seamless, interactive components.


Over 2,500 attendees experienced a multi-day event filled with information and updates, beginning with a motivational keynote speaker who set the tone for the event, followed by multiple general sessions with top executives.  We utilized projection mapping technology and custom designed set pieces to truly immerse the audience and bring the messaging to life, and even capped off the conference with a grand finale evening event, complete with headline entertainment.

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