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With long-term partners like True Value, it’s definitely a family affair. ADM produces two Reunion events every year for True Value’s thousands of retailers, so we pride ourselves on creating unique gatherings that are equal parts informational, interactive and entertaining – always honoring the True Value family atmosphere.


For this Reunion event, we designed and created an LED Storefront set, with moving wagons to reveal merchandise.


We also rewarded True Value’s top performers in a variety of memorable ways … and even incorporated a flash mob to help celebrate their anniversary!

“... We get two shots a year to influence thousands of people over the course of a weekend … YOU make it happen … FLAWLESS execution of a very complicated show. I know how much effort this takes and your direction of every single moving piece, every slide, every queue, every “look” change … you are all just phenomenal … We love you! ...”

– CEO, True Value Company

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